Equipment Kits

Save by buying a pre-selected equipment kit to get your brewery started!


  • All In One All Grain Brewing Systems

    Shop popular AIO Brew Systems from BrewZilla, Spike Brewing, Grainfather, Anvil, and Delta Brewing Systems. Systems available from 5 Gallons up to 30 Gallons!

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  • Beer Brewing Equipment Kits

    1 Gallon or 5 Gallon kits mainly for making beer. Base kits include bottle cappers and bottling wands, or deluxe kits targetted towards kegging.

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  • Winemaking Equipment Kits

    1 Gallon or 6 Gallon kits available with different levels of included equipment. Base kits include wing corkers, with deluxe kits including degassing wands and mix-stir rods.

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  • Kombucha Equipment Kits

    Coming Soon

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