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Brewer's Gold Hop Pellets

Brewer's Gold Hop Pellets

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Brewer's Gold hops are practically hop royalty at this point. While its moderate alpha acid (4.5-6.5%) is tame by today's standards, Brewer's Gold is a renowned bittering hop.

Brewer's Gold is also the grandfather of many of today's super-alpha varieties like Galena, Nugget, and Centennial. Because its genetics lives on in many popular varieties, Brewer's Gold itself has kind of been forgotten. As a bittering hop, it is perfect for pilsners, kölschs, and other classic European styles. But as an aroma hop it offers some unique berry and currant characters that are quite appealing. Brewer's Gold also has some light wood and soft spice notes, which is why it shines in pilsners.

This is a special lot of Brewer's Gold grown in the Alsace growing region in France. It displays more of the fruity and floral characteristics than other lots grown in Germany or America.

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