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BRU-1 Hop Pellets

BRU-1 Hop Pellets

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A new variety developed by John I. Haas and Brulotte Farms in the Yakima Valley. It is big and bold with a fruit-forward character that also offers clean bittering (13 - 15% AA). BRU-1™ has a high Myrcene oil content that makes up over 50% of the total oil and contributes aromas of pineapple and stone fruit that is backed by a soft spice. Pale Ales and IPAs are the obvious styles, but might we are going to try brewing some funky Belgian styles. The breeder says BRU-1™ pairs well with Citra, Chinook, and other U.S. aroma varieties.


BRU-1 has lots of similar characteristics as Vic Secret and Talus, making them the perfect substitutions. Both hops are very fruity, pineapple forward, and great for dry hopping. Use Vic Secret or Talus in your next beer! 

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