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Citra Pellet Hops

Citra Pellet Hops

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Citra® is the current superstar of the hop world. Citra® is the most sought after hop variety because it offers an intense citrusy flavor and aroma that revolutionized IPAs. It pairs well with other varieties like Mosaic®, Galaxy®, El Dorado®, or BRU-1™ or is even strong enough to carry a beer on its own. These Citra® Hop Pellets were hand-selected with our friends from John I. Haas from the best lots and are an exceptional lot of an exceptional variety.

Citra® hops are noted for their higher Geraniol content, which is biotransformed by yeast into Citronellol a highly-sought-after aroma compound in fruit-forward IPAs.



Citra being our current superstar of the world, carries lots of citrus, and sweet fruit characteristics that some say may be hard to beat. Galaxy, Mandarina Bavaria, and Centennial all carry similar profiles, making them the perfect substitutions for Citra. 

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