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Grainfather Stainless Conical Fermenter - SF70

Grainfather Stainless Conical Fermenter - SF70

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The Grainfather SF70 conical fermenter has been built to hold big batches of wort with a 70L capacity (18 gal). Its sleek, stainless-steel finish makes cleaning simple and with an intuitive design, you can easily adjust the height, take samples, and dump yeast to avoid the build-up of yeast and sediment


  • Sleek 304 grade stainless steel body

  • Conical angle avoids yeast and sediment getting stuck to the sides of the fermenter

  • Adjustable leg height and rolling wheels for easy manoeuvrability

  • Easily dump yeast with a separate valve

  • Insert temperature probes into the built-in thermowell for accurate temperature readings

  • Transfer and take samples above the yeast and trub line with an accessible valve on the side of the unit

  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


  • Size: 51" x 16"

  • Weight: 26lb (12kg)

  • Capacity: 18 gal (70L)

  • Power: None

  • Connectivity: None


  • Grainfather SF70

  • Lid

  • Rubber bung & airlock

  • Thermowell

  • Sample valve

  • Dump valve

  • Legs & castors

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