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IceMaster Max 2 Glycol Chiller

IceMaster Max 2 Glycol Chiller

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The BrewBuilt™ IceMaster Max 2 Glycol Chiller with Two built in Temperature Controllers and Submersible Pumps.

The IceMaster Max 2 is the perfect glycol chiller for small volume beer makers. It offers high performance despite its compact size so it is well suited for jacketed fermenters and brite tanks. This unit features 2 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital temperature controllers, allowing you to separately control the fermentation temperature or cold crashing of 2 tanks or fermenters. Also includes a sight glass connected via two DuoTight Tee fittings. The glass can be affixed between the two tees, then each tee to the chiller unit, then two plugs need to be inserted on the outward facing openings.


  • 2 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital controllers
  • Pump controller reads in °C
  • Temperature controller reads in °C
  • Labeled IN and OUT stainless bulkheads with 3/8" OD barbs
  • 17 L / 4.5 Gal. Water Tank Capacity
  • 3/8 HP compressor
  • 600 Watt/2000btu Cooling Capacity
  • r134a Refrigerant
  • 110V
  • Approx. 19" x 12" x 17.5"
  • Wheels not included
  • CE Certified

WARNING: Do not set the reservoir temperature controller lower than 28°F (-2ºC). Running the unit below this temperature may negatively affect the unit's efficiency and has the potential to freeze beer which may impact the finished beer's flavor.

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