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Mistral Pellet Hops

Mistral Pellet Hops

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Mistral is a new and exciting hop variety developed in the legendary growing region of Alsace, France. Mistral offers a refreshing character of citrus fruits, floral, and sweet fruits.

Alpha acid 6.5-8.5 %
Cohumulone29-39 %
Beta acids3.1-3.8 %
Coluplone51-54 %
Total Oil1-1.5 ml/100g
Myrcene59-65 %
Humulene9.5-12.8 %
Monoterpene72-79 %
Sesquiterpene20.8-27.5 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene3-3. 15 %
Linalool5-6 mg/100g
Farnesene2.5-3.5 mg/100g

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