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Oak Stix

Oak Stix

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Beer/Wine Stix Carboy Sticks are one of the simplest and easiest forms of oak to use in beer/wine making.  Simply add one stick per 5 - 6.5 gallons, and enjoy the results a couple months later.  When it comes to removing the stick, there's no fumbling around with cubes trying to get them through the neck of a carboy.  These are made with a hole at the top so you can lift the Stix out with fishing line when done.  The Carboy Beer/Wine Stix are an awesome addition to the homebrewers aresenal. 

Use them to take a recipe to a fun and delicious next level.  Already make an amazing stout, or brown?  These are prime candidates to age with some oak, and enjoy the rich results!

Need to clear out negative vegetal flavors in your wine, while adding unique and rich flavors? These are the perfect option!

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