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Oxygenation (O2) Kit

Oxygenation (O2) Kit

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An oxygenation kit specifically designed for homebrewing. Oxygenate your wort easily and conveniently with a precise amount of oxygen rather than leaving it to chance.

The Spike Oxygenation (O2) Kit was designed to provide homebrewers with a simple solution for oxygenating their wort prior to fermentation; Happy yeast = happy beer! The days of slow or failed fermentations are over, and a giant 10lb oxygen tank is no longer the only solution! The O2 kit is designed to attach to a standard hardware store oxygen tank and will precisely oxygenate your wort to make sure fermentation goes smoothly! With that precise flow control, each oxygen bottle will oxygenate up to 200 gallons of wort; saving you time and money! 

Note: Tank not included. Red oxygen tank can be found at most hardware/home improvement stores.

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