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Pekko Pellet Hops

Pekko Pellet Hops

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Pekko® hops is a unique variety that was bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association. The name Pekko®, also known at ADHA-871, comes from the Finnish god of farming. It is a very complex hop with lots of fresh lemon and lime, but what makes Pekko® so unique are the floral and herbal elements that some brewers describe as cucumber, mint, and sage. There are undertones of pineapple and pears, but they are not the main attraction here. Get creative with Pekko®, because it can really excel in styles like saison, gose, or even a non-traditional pilsner. Pekko® also offers good bittering potential with

Pekko Hop® Aromas: Fresh citrus, lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, sage, pineapple


Pekko is an extremely unique variety that does not have many close substitutes. Sorachi Ace is comparable with lime and herbal elements. Idaho 7 also offers some similarities with bright lemon, but Idaho 7 tends to be much more fruit-forward than Pekko.

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