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Single Stage Beer & Water Filter System

Single Stage Beer & Water Filter System

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This beer filter is designed to be used with the KegLand 1 Micron Filter Cartridge. This filter works best when used as the middle man when transferring icy cold uncarbonated beer between two kegs. All you will need to do is purchase tubing, ball locks to connect to your kegs, and the filter cartrdige to use this system.

The included Duotight fittings are compatible with 9.5 mm OD EVABarrier draft tubing. You can connect this tubing to flare style ball lock disconnects using these 9.5 mm Duotight Flare Adapters.


  • Clear high-pressure housing 
  • Purge valve to expel air pockets 
  • 1/2" BSP inlet and outlet 
  • Compatible with other 10" filter systems

Note: This filter can also be used to filter out yeast in your distillation wash. Removing yeast before you put your wash into your boiler will significantly improve the quality of your final spirit. Many off flavors in distillation can come from boiling yeast cells. When the yeast cells get boiled, they break open releasing many off flavors aromas and fusel oils.

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