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Spike Flow Brew Pump

Spike Flow Brew Pump

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It's time to go with the (higher!) Flow. With features like an Air Relief Valve (ARV) 6-vane impeller design, stainless steel precision machined casting, and an integrated impeller shaft and thrust bearing, this brew pump is the newest and most badass innovation on the market.

The Flow is the pump your brewery always wanted:

  • Higher Pressure & Flow- What's more important: Moving your wort quickly or a powerful CIP? The Flow is industry leading at both. No compromises here! 
  • Air Relief Valve- Air in your lines creating headaches? Not with the Flow which features the ARV bleed system
  • Clog Proof Impeller- With the built in chopping tines on the impeller you'll never have to take your pump apart mid-Brew Day because of a clogged pump head.
  • Quieter- The Flow is for brewers that prefer listening to their brewing playlist or the game on TV rather than a loud pump. 


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