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Stainless Steel Conical UniTank

Stainless Steel Conical UniTank

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Made from 304 18 Gauge (16 Gauge on the CF30) Stainless Steel, these conical unitanks are the best on the market!


  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel with Sanitary welds
  • 15 PSI working pressure for pressure transfers, pressure fermentations, or carbonation (used as brite tank)
  • Etched Volume Markings
  • Fully Polished Finish
  • Leveling Feet included
  • Fully removable lid for easy cleaning. Attaches with a full stainless steel band clamp.
  • 4" Modular Top TC Port, great for dry hopping additions, or used for the Temperature Control Coil (see the TC100 Kits!)
  • 3x 1.5" TC Ports in the Lid for Pressure Release Valve (PRV), Blow Off Tube, Hop addition port, or other accessories.
  • Oversized 2" Dump Port for easy Trub disposal or Yeast collection
  • 3x 1.5" TC Ports in the body, with the included accessories:
    • Racking Port with Butterfly Valve
    • Thermometer
    • Sample Port
  • CF30 Includes a bracing shelf
Stainless Unitank Model Info
Model Size (w x h) Batch Size Max Gal. Capacity
CF5 14"x29" 2.5 - 6G 7
CF10 17"x35" 5-10G 14
CF15 17"x39" 5G - 1/2BBL 18
CF30 24"x46" 1/2 - 1 BBL 40 (1/2-1bb Batches)


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