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Stainless Steel FLEX Fermenters

Stainless Steel FLEX Fermenters

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Introducing the new Spike Flex & Flex+! The Flex(+) was designed to be the most versatile, upgradable and longest lasting small batch fermenter on the market. With currently over 20 accessories (and counting) you'll never run out of run toys to bling your Flex out with. The Flex+ is the big brother to the standard Flex. Out of the box it features an upgraded tri-clamp racking arm, tri-clamp butterfly valve and upgraded high pressure lid and clamp that can handle up to 15psi. The higher pressure rating allows for carbonating your beer in the same tank you fermenter in. Carbonate your beer in 24hrs opposed to 7 days!


Included Hardware for the:

Flex Features:
-304 stainless steel; 1.2mm (18ga)
-All sanitary welded ports (no-weldless fittings)
-Designed for 2.5 to 6gal batches
    -7gal total capacity
-2psi working pressure for Flex, upgradable to 15psi working pressure (Standard on Flex+)
    -Use for pressure transfers
    -Use as a brite tank (Upgraded Flex, or Flex+)
-Etched volume markings
-Fully polished finish

-15" wide by 21¨ tall (to top of  airlock/4" TC)

Lid Features:
    -Stainless band clamp for attaching the lid
    -Completely removable lid for easy cleaning
    -4" TC modular top port
    -Allows for hop additions, temp control coil, top sight glass, etc

       -(3) 1.5" TC ports which allow for: 

  • Blow Off Port – Dedicated port for an airlock or blow off tube
  • Hop Port – Dedicated port for adding hops
  • PRV Port – Dedicated port for your pressure relief valve (PRV)

Body Features:
   -1.5" TC racking port with rotatable racking arm
   -1.5" TC secondary port for thermometer, sample valve, etc

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